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Welcome to the S&W Performance Group Blog

My name is Michael Weney, President of the S&W Performance Group. Our company was founded by my father, Walter Weney, who was steering our ship from 1959 until his retirement in 2005. My brother, Scott Weney, then took over the Presidency from 2005 until his passing in 2014. Today, after 57 years of family and employee dedication, we are recognized as a leader in our industry. S&W brand products are proudly manufactured in Spring City, Pennsylvania- USA, where we build for past, present & future racing legends. In addition, we are recognized for our outstanding technical support service that is provided by our staff?s countless years of on-track racing experience and hands-on working knowledge. The goal of this blog is to communicate and interact with you directly on ideas, experiences, issues, and helpful articles.

If there are any specific topics you would like discussed, please contact us.

It will be fun, he said.

Posted on Wednesday, December 03, 2014 Categories: Hookdaddy's Blog

It will be fun, he said.Back in the summer, I was at S&W for one reason or another and Scott called me into his office. He said "You've always had a lot to say, how about writing a blog for our website?"I asked, "what do you want me to write about?"  "It doesn't matter," said Scott. "Write about living in Florida, or being retired, or racing with Kevin.It doesn't matter. It will be...

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Some Tricks, Some Treats

Posted on Monday, November 03, 2014 Categories: Hookdaddy's Blog

Some Tricks, Some TreatsAs I sit here typing this on the day before Halloween, I'm thinking back on our last three events in 2014 and think that they too were full of tricks & treats.
Race one was the final weekend for the Mid Atlantic Super Comp Association. Going into the season Kevin set a goal to end up in the top 5 in points, after finishing #8 in 2012 and # 7 in 2013. ...

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The Birth of Hookdaddy

Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2014 Categories: Hookdaddy's Blog

           Before I tell you how the handle "Hookdaddy" came to be, let me update you on Hookdaddy Motorsport's latest efforts on the Super Comp front.The first weekend in August found us at Atco Raceway for the NHRA D-1 LODRS event.Friday's two time runs found us hovering around the 8.90 standard and looking forward to Saturday's...

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Bracket Racing... Southern Style

Posted on Monday, June 23, 2014 Categories: Hookdaddy's Blog

Before I share with you my thoughts on racing down South, let me update you on our Super Comp efforts over the last couple outings.Memorial Day weekend found us at Maple Grove Raceway for the NHRA LODRS event.Our S&W 4-link dragster ran well and Kevin was on his game, but we lost a tight one at 10 cars, ending our day.Five days later we were in EnglishtownN.J. for the NHRA Summernationals....

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Welcome to Hookdaddy's Blog aka. Don Scholl

Posted on Friday, May 23, 2014 Categories: Hookdaddy's Blog

A couple of weeks ago Scott & Jill asked me if I wanted to write a blog for S&W's website.Of course, being an opinionated, gluten for punishment, I said sure.For those of you who don't know me, I spent over 31 years as a member of the S&W group before retiring in 2010. If you spend any time on many of the drag racing chat rooms & message boards, you may know me as Hookdaddy.I'll fill you in...

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