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Rear Suspension

21" Anti-Roll Bar Kit 7/8" Diameter

7/8" diameter x 21" long anti roll bars for S&W rear frames 10-401, 10-510-26 & 10-511-26 as well as any other frame or application where a 21" long bar will fit best.

By equalizing traction & preventing body roll, anti-roll or rear torsion bars, as they are sometimes called, have been shown to  produce consistently quicker 60' times.   This new kit uses only the highest quality components -
a solid, splined 4130 steel torsion shaft (not a piece of tubing as used by some of our competitors), splined & machined, billet arms, 4130 mounting tube & supports, plus all necessary rod ends, links and hardware.

Our Price: $350.00


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