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                                         CHAMPIONSHIP QUALITY
                                              Serving Racers Since 1959
                                       NOSTALGIA DRAGSTERS

                         Whether you're an old time racer returning to the sport or a new racer with  a thing for
                                           "nostalgia" dragsters, S&W Race Cars is your chassis shop!  We've been
                                        building front engine dragsters since we opened our doors  back in 1959.
                                                   Our Nostalgia Dragster combines that "old time" look with the
                                                        latest in dragster technology to provide you with a safe,
                                                                  competitive race car. S&W Nostalgia Dragsters
     Shown with                                                           meet all current N.H.R.A specifications
     full body option
        with Body
     • 200" wheelbase front engine chassis
     • 9" Ford housing with Olds ends • Front axle • Spindles
     • Steering box. • All steering linkage, tie rods,rod ends, & steering column • Steering wheel
     • Rear end anti-rotation device • Brake pedal or handle & master cylinder mount. • Throttle pedal with
     adjustable stop. •Shorty aluminum body from seat to front of motor • Belly pan. • Aluminum seat with seat
     belt slots.• Lexan windscreen for added driver visibility • Aluminum motor mounts & motor plate
     • Parachute mount & anchor. •Tail-light / master disconnect switch mount • Manufacturers tag
                                                                                            Ed Bliss Jr.
        COMPLETE ROLLING CHASSIS with Body                                              Ask About Our NEW
     Our complete rolling chassis includes everything that is listed under a Complete welded chassis - Plus:  Nostalgia Top Fuel 225" FED
     • Parachute lever & hardware • Tach & gauge bracket • Shifter mount
     • Battery tray & hold down • Fuel cell or Aluminum fuel tank  FRAME KITS (F.E. or Rear Eng.)
     • Fuel cell or aluminum fuel tank mount • Rear wheels  Shown: 200" wheelbase, front engine dragster chassis kit.
     • Spoke front wheels with bearings • Goodyear front tires   Perfect for nostalgia dragster racing.
     • Goodyear rear tires • Goodyear rear tubes• Mount tires  Meets SFI spec 2.4B.
     • Strange axles with 1/2" Axle studs & lug nuts • Axle bearings
     Because of the "custom built" nature of our cars and wide range of                       See Page 93 for
     options available, please call Randy ext.115 for current pricing.
                                                                                               FED Race Parts
                                         NOSTALGIA FUNNY CARS

     If nostalgia drag racing is your "thing" and Funny     Crazy Jake Crimmins            Jungle Jim's 1970's
     cars are your passion, then S&W Race Cars is the                                     Original Nitro F/C's
     place for you!  We've been building funny cars                                     & the 2017 Restoration
     since the inception of the class and our current
     crop of alcohol funny cars are some of the finest
     in racing!.  Whether you're building a new "old"
     car or restoring and updating an original funny
     car, your first call should be S&W Race Cars.
     See Page 94 & 95 for Funny Car Race Parts

                                                                                                           Keith Hudak
         Chuck Exton & Team               Chris & Krista Massarella                  George Reidnauer
                                     PRO STREET & PRO TOURING
     Would you rather be cruzin' to the drive-in or the car show and the pro/street
     look is for you, we can built it!  Whether your preference is for  early iron, late
     model muscle or anything in between, it can roll on an S&W Race Cars chassis.
     Call Randy at ext.115 today to discuss your ideas and requirements.

        Fred Kobasiuk Project S10                    Joe Theodore                          The S&W Team
                    1-800 -523-3353 TOLL FREE     Volume 34
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