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                                    Look for S&W's  'Signature Orange'  Track Side Display Tent!
                                    Stop by to meet us and view new products, test interactive displays, purchase
                                    tech inspection needs and take home a new catalog.
                                    Shop for SHOW SPECIALS and Sign Up for Giveaways between rounds.
                                    Our display event schedule will be posted in news and on all
                                    social media pages @swracecars S&W backs up every sale with one of the
                                    most knowledgeable Sales and Tech Support Departments in Racing. Most
                                    importantly, S&W is a racers' company.
                                    When the Work Week is Done...We GO Racing!

         *NEW*         QUICK RELEASE Window Net Latch Kit                                         *NEW*

                                         NHRA APPROVED, .375" Diam. Steel Top Rod 30" Long with "QUICK
      QR Latch Kit         Starting @    RELEASE" Mechanism , 6" Red Nylon Pull Tether, .375" Diam. 30" Long
      P/N 75-387           $ 73  95      Lower Bar Steel Rod, Mounting Tabs & Hardware.
                                         (NOTE: Picture shown with window net. Window Net is Not Included.)

                                                                          Top Rod
                                                                   Upgrade Kit
                                                                          P/N 75-387R

                                                                            Starting @      Click to View the
                                                                             $ 41  95        Demonstration

        *NEW*        TURBO Tech                            Kevlar TURBO Blankets

         P/N 95-TG001
         Complete Set

                                                        Sfi 4.1 Turbo Blankets are custom made
                                                        to your spec's. In the USA! CALL for Info.

                                                        *NEW*       Econo-Engine Diaper

                                    Starting @
                                  $ 168    95
                                                        P/N 75-226
        S&W’s New Turbo Tech Gauges                     Starting @
             are being offered as a                     $ 149    00
         complete set of four popular
            inlet sizes, a la carte or
              made to your custom                       Fits BBC
                   specification.                       & SBC
          The complete set includes:                    Engines
         67.9mm / 72.9mm / 102.9mm /                    Non-Sfi
              106.9mm inlet gauges                      Made by RJS

                    1-800 -523-3353 TOLL FREE     Volume 34
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