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S&W's STEP-by-STEP Building System

                   S&W's New STEP-by-STEP Building System is
                  Easy to Follow. "It Takes the Guess-Work Out"

        STEP 1                                                                         P/N 36-997
                                                                                       STEP #1 Bare Welded Frame
        Start with a Straight Foundation!                                              Starting @ $ 2,200    95
        Universal Welded Lower Frame Kit Includes:
           Choose from (3) Front A-Arm Hub-to-Hub Widths
           to best suit your application.

           Widths: 52-3/16" // 55-3/16" // 58-3/16" (Front Crossmember will be welded in)
           Your Choice of 4-Link or Ladder Bar Rear Frame configuration ~ to best
           suit your application. Widths: 24" // 26" // 28" (Incl. 4L or LB Hardware Kit)
           Choose your Wheel Base Length
           4-Link up to 115" Max. Length // Ladder Bar up to 127" Max. Length                        21
           Jig Welded Frame guarantees your build will start Straight                            Front End
                                                                                               & BackHalf
           & Square. (MIG Welded Mild Steel ~ Easy to add on at home)                            COMBOS
           Includes: Body Mounting Plates,Outriggers & Driveshaft Loop.

        STEP 2 Front Suspension, Brakes & Steering
           Your S&W Sales Representative will help you
           choose the best Front Suspension System for your
           Street or Strip needs. AJE, FatMan, Flaming River
           MW, Grant, ProWerks, Wilwood, Strange & Aerospace.

        STEP 3 Rear Housing, Rear Suspension & Brakes
           S&W offers many Rear Housings, plus Suspension & Brake packages from
           QA1, Strange, Moser, MW, Wilwood & Aerospace.

                                             The Best Way
                                           to End Straight,
                                       is to START STRAIGHT!

                                                                         STEP 4 & Beyond
                                                                           Roll Bar or Roll Cage. Tabs & Brackets
         Ready for                                                         for body mounting and on & on
                                                                           until your project is complete.
          Use Basic                            SUPPORT          Monday - Friday 8am-8pm EST -  TOLL FREE 800-523-3353
          Hand Tools
            at Home!

                      social@SWR ACECARS     website SWR ACECARS .COM                                               3
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