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                                             CHAMPIONSHIP QUALITY
                                                  Serving Racers Since 1959
                                TOP DRAGSTER & COMP ELIMINATOR

              If Top Dragster or Competition Eliminator is your thing, S&W Race Cars can build you a funny car,
                                   dragster, roadster or door car to fit your chosen class!

                                                  David Batchelor & Team
                                        TOP ALCOHOL FUNNY CARS

                                                   Hand-crafted  for  optimum
                                                   strength and driver safety,
                                                   S&W funny cars are designed for
                                                   maximum reliability and ease of
                                                   maintenance.  All S&W funny car
                                                   chassis are jig constructed and
                                                   TIG welded to conform to current
                                                   NHRA & IHRA safety specifica-
                                                   tions.  S&W can build you a basic
                                                   chassis or supply  a complete
                                                   rolling race  car like those of
                                                   1992 NHRA/Winston Top Alcohol
                                                   Funny Car World Champion, Bob
                                                   Newberry, 1995  NHRA/Winston
                                                   Top  Alcohol  Funny  Car  World
                                                   Champion Joe  Penland  Jr.,  1993
        & 1995 IHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car World Champion Todd Paton or 1996 NHRA Winston Top Alcohol Funny Car
                                               World Champion, Tony Bartone.
        When it comes to Alcohol Funny Cars nobody does it better than S&W Race Cars.  In 1996,  Tony Bartone's incred-
        ible consecutive round win streak came at the wheel of his S&W built Alcohol Funny Car.  In 2000, Scott Weney
        won the IHRA Pro/Funny Car World Championship at the wheel of Ken Sheetz's beautiful S&W Race Cars built
        Corvette Funny Car.   In 2005, S&W, Bob Newberry & Roush Composites collaborated on the first ever, alcohol
        only funny car body.  That body installed on an S&W chassis helped Bob Newberry win his second alcohol funny
                         car championship in 2005 and has become the most used body in the class.
                Because of the ever changing technology in Alcohol Funny Car racing and the wide range of options available,
                                           please call Randy ext.115 for current pricing.
                                          FULL BODIED RACE CARS

        S&W Race Cars built the first tube chassis Pro/Stocker, Bill Jenkins' 1972
        Vega.  From that time, S&W has continually improved on that design
        so that we can provide our customers with the latest in doorslammer
        chassis technology.  S&W offers these chassis in either  mild-steel  or
        4130 chrome -moly and each chassis, regardless  of material,  is hand
        fabricated on our Pro/Stock chassis jig.  All chassis are custom built,
        one at a time, for the buyer's individual class and body style require-
        ments.  Full bodied cars are available in any stage of completion, from
        a bare welded chassis, to a complete rolling race car, needing only your
        motor and transmission.  S&W can build a chassis inside your existing
        body shell or provide you with a complete fiberglass or steel & fiber-
        glass body.  S&W full bodied car chassis are available with ladder bar
        or 4-link rear suspension and your choice of strut or A-arm front sus-
        pensions.  Although designed for Pro/Stock competition, these chassis
        provide the ultimate in full bodied Super Class or E.T. Bracket competi-
        tion.  All chassis are built in accordance with current NHRA chassis speci-
        fications.  Due to the large number of options and variables involved               Paul Burruss
        in building a full bodied race car, please call S&W for current  pricing.

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