Ladder Bar Adjuster Kit

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Converts any ladder bar made from 1″ x .156 wall tubing to double adjustable style.

Steel adjusters, jam nuts, 1″ hex with one end threaded 3/4-16 left-hand male. The other end 3/4-16 right-hand female.

Installation Notes

Will require 3/4-16 left hand tap. Not included with kit.

This kit is designed to be installed in ladder bars made from 1" x .156" wall tubing or tubing with an equivalent inside diameter.

S&W Race Cars recommends that the adjuster be installed at the rear of the lower tube on the ladder bar. This is done to put the adjuster under compression not extension. If your ladder bar is designed so you can't do this, it is acceptable to install the adjuster at the rear of the upper tube on the ladder bar.

If you install the adjuster on the top tube you must frequently check the adjuster and the rod end for stretching, because there will be a larger load placed on these components.

1) In the location were you are installing the adjuster cut off 3-1/4" of the ladder bar tube.
2) Tap the remaining part of the ladder bar with a 3/4"-16 left hand tap.
3) Install the adjuster in the ladder bar and the 3/4" rod end with jam nut in the adjuster.
4) Repeat steps 1-3 for the second ladder bar.

Bill of Materials

Quantity Part Number Description
2 65-1001 Hex Adjuster
2 65-121 3/4" Fine Jam Nut


Ladder Bar Adjuster Kit
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