Panhard Bar Kit

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  • Tube  is 7/8″X.065″chromoly
  • 36″ long
  • 1/2″ rod ends
  • Includes mounting tabs and hardware

Need to cut tube to length.

This kit contains chromoly tubing which will require the use of a TIG (heliarc) welder for proper installation.

1. Level the car from front to back and side to side.

2. Position the rear housing in the car at ride height with the ladder bars or 4-link installed, and the rear housing centered from side to side.

3. Tack weld one of the threaded tube ends into one end of the panhard bar. Install one rod end with a jam nut into the tube end. See tech notes #1, #2, #3 and #4.

4. Using enclosed hardware and two misalignment bushings (half moons) bolt the rod end between the two frame brackets. The round side of the half moon goes towards the ball of the rod end.

5. Locate the mounting position of the frame brackets to the inside or bottom of your frame rails. Location will vary depending on the construction of your frame. Keep the panhard bar as parallel to the housing centerline as possible. Tack weld the frame brackets to the frame at this time.

6. Locate the housing bracket positon on the rear housing at the opposite side of the car from the frame brackets. Bracket should be located in a manner to make the tube as long as possible, while still remaining between the frame rails. Minor trimming of the bracket may be necessary. Remember, the panhard bar tube should be parallel to the axle tube as viewed from above and from the rear. Tack weld the bracket at this time.

7. Install the second rod end and jam nut into the remaining tube end. See tech notes #1 and #4. Use the remaining hardware and half moons to bolt this assembly to the housing bracket.

8. Hold the panhard bar tube up to the second rod end assembly and mark the tube for length.

9. Disassemble both rod ends, cut the main tube to length and tack weld the second threaded tube end into the main tube. See tech notes #2 and # 3.

10. Re-install the assembled panhard bar with rod ends onto the mounting brackets.

11. With the driveshaft installed, move the rear suspension up and down, through it’s travel. Check all clearances, including tire clearance. Final adjustments can be made by turning the bar to shorten or lengthen it’s effective length.

12. When you are sure all clearances are correct, disassemble the panhard bar and finish weld. Do not grind the finished welds this could lead to premature failureof the panhard bar assembly.

13. Install the housing gusset at this time . Locate it 90 degrees to the front side of housing bracket. Minor trimming of the gusset may be necessary. At this time finish welding the frame brackets and housing bracket / gusset.

14. Reassemble the panhard bar and install into the car. Adjust the panhard bar and tighten all mounting hardware.

Tech notes for proper installation

1.  When complete no more than 6 threads should be showing between the jam nut and the body of the rod end.

2. DO NOT weld tube ends with rod ends installed.

3. After welding tube ends, it may be necessary to run a tap through the tube ends. This kit contains one left hand & one right hand threaded tube end. Care should be taken to avoid thread damage caused by mixing of parts.

4. This kit contains one left hand & one right hand threaded tube end, rod end and jam nut. Care should be taken to avoid thread damage caused by mixing of parts.


Panhard Bar Kit
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