1994-2002 Chevrolet S10 Rear Window Kit Tinted Lexan

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Made in USA by S&W Performance Group with the Highest Quality Craftsmanship

  • S10 1994-2002 Tinted (see through) Lexan Rear Window Kit
  • 1/8″ thick, window cut to fit
  • Includes (2) aluminum back bar seal plates and hardware
  • The window is cut to 56″ at the widest point and 16″ at the tallest point and shouldn’t require much trimming.
  • Customer required to cut rear tube slots and mounting holes

Installation Instructions

If the window has a paper coating on it, do not remove it until you are ready for the final installation. Note; extended exposure to sun light may make removal of the paper difficult.

2. Park the truck so that the bottom edge of rear window is level.

3. Find the center of rear window along bottom edge; mark this point on the body. Using a square or level transfer this point to the top of the window opening.

4. Locate the slots for the roll cage back braces. Using a square or level mark the location of the inside and out side of both back bars on the body along the bottom edge of the window opening. Measure up from the bottom of the window opening to the bottom of the back bar tubes where they will pass thru the window.

5. Transfer the location of the slots for the back bars to the new window: The two holes in the new window are at the center. Draw the slots on the window. Hold the window in place under the back bars to check the location of the slots.

6. Cut the slots in the window: Cut the slots slightly larger than the back bar tube diameters. Allow a gap between the bottom of the bar and the top of the slot in the window. For 1-5/8” tubes use a 1-3/4” hole saw to cut a hole in the window. For 1-3/4” tubes use a 1-7/8” hole saw. Finish the slots buy cutting from the top edge to the holes.

7. Test fit the window: Check the fit around the tubes, trim the window as required.

8. Hold the window in place and mark the screw hole locations on the body. Drill (2) 3/16” holes in the window lip at these locations. Check the fit of the edges, trim if needed.

9. Fit the aluminum tube seal plates to the truck. Put the seal plates between the window and the body. Slid them down until there is about a 1/8” gap between them and the back bars. Mark the top edge of the window on the plates. Trim the plates to length. Drill two 3/16” holes in the plates. Center holes ½” in from each edge and 5/16” down from top. Transfer the hole locations to the window and body.

10. Space out the location of remaining holes: There are (22) screws and nylocks nuts provided to bolt the window in. You will end up with (11) holes spaced along the top of the window and (9) along the bottom. One more hole on each side is centered on the outer edges of the window. Drill and counter sink all holes.

11. Note: there are two holes in each seal plate adjacent to the opening for the tubes; use of these holes is optional.


1994-2002 Chevrolet S10 Rear Window Kit Tinted Lexan
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