Front A-Arm & 4-Link Universal Welded Frame Kit

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Front A-Arm Hub-to-Hub Width: 52 3/16 Hub to Hub
Rear Frame: 4-Link 24″ Welded Universal Rear Frame
Sale price$4,459.00


Fully Welded Frame Made in USA by S&W Performance Group

S&W Universal Welded Lower Frame kit is a jig welded frame that guarantees your build will start straight and square. Made of mild steel and MIG welded S&W's universal frame can be easily modified.

Choose from three front a-arm hub to hub width 52 3/16″, 55 3/16″, and 58 3/16″. The front frame rails are .120″ wall mild steel.

Then choose which 4-link frame in 24″, 26″, or 28″ wide. This 4-link can go up to a 115″ wheelbase.

Customer must specify wheelbase length up to 115" long.

Includes body mounting plates, outriggers and driveshaft loop.

Bolt-on suspension components are available separately.


Front A-Arm & 4-Link Universal Welded Frame Kit
For Make Universal
For Model Universal
For Year Universal

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