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Product Instruction

In an effort to better serve our customers S&W has now posted many of the product installation instruction sheets here in this location. New instructions will be added as items are added to our product line. Please check back often - because of this this page will be continually - Under Construction!

Body Dimensions - S&W Dragster - S&W Bantam - S&W Camaro Roadster - Performance Fiberglass Dragster Bodies -  #1 - #2

Roll Bar & Roll Cage

Custom Product Order Forms

Welded Rear Frame Packages


Dragster 4-Link / Swing Arm Welded Rear Frame Conversion - Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Gallery

Unwelded Rear Frame Packages

10-006 64-72 Chevelle Frame Rails  

Front Frame & Suspension Packages

Wheelie Bars

Parachute Accessories


Rear Suspension Parts

Shocks & Shock Mounts


82-02 Camaro Bolt Ons

Door Car Accessories



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